Every System is as Strong as its Weakest Link. Your Employees are the Weakest Link in Your Cyber Security Defence Strategy

  • Your people are the weakest link in your cyber security prevention
  • Staff cyber security awareness training drastically reduces cyber attacks
  • Staff cyber security awareness training is the most cost-effective investment

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Every system is as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, no matter the robustness of cyber security countermeasures, if employees expected to implement them remain ignorant of their role in the fight against cyber crime, all of the counter measures will count for nothing.

Social engineering, a tactic hackers use to trick employees into divulging sensitive information is fast becoming the hackers favorite tool because of its simplicity and high success rate.

Attackers call their target organisations pretending to be someone else requesting help to reset password or providing contact details of a target individual. A hacker could also visit a target site and pretend to be a contractor to gain access to their machine or network.

But the most effective social engineering tricks used by hackers, to devastating effect, is the use of phishing emails or text messages.

Hackers send out emails with links containing malware with persuasive message to entice recipients to click on the link and spread the malware around the network.

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So, why is social engineering continuing to be successful despite its simplicity?

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The answer is the lack of user awareness.

When organisations think about cyber security countermeasures, they think of the technical aspects of the countermeasures.

First, technical bells and whistles are what cyber security firms sell because that’s what is profitable for them.

Second, it is easier for IT administrators or in-house cyber security teams to get senior management buy-in for the latest gadget than for a low-tech countermeasure as like cyber security awareness training. Considering the rate of success of social engineering, it’s time organisations invest resources into providing their staff cyber security awareness training.

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Cyber security awareness might not be a high-tech cyber security countermeasure, but it is the most effective.

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