Security of Data on the Cloud Remains Your Responsibility. You Cannot Outsource Your Accountability to Cloud Service Providers!

  • Cloud security is critical for data protection
  • Proper configuration and deployment are key to cloud security
  • The security of your data on the cloud is your responsibility

While there may be significant financial and strategic advantages in terms of scalability and efficient use of resources associated with resource migration to the cloud, the migration process is fraught with enormous complexity.

Cloud computing provides continuous access to resources on the move. The concept of mobile storage has moved from floppy disk, pen drive, CD rom, DVD, and tape to the cloud. The biggest advantage of the cloud is individuals no longer need to carry critical data on their person, reducing the risk of accidentally losing them.

Considering the enormous benefits associated with on-demand access to organisational resources, the growth of cloud services is more likely to continue as more and more organisations embrace cloud computing.

Cloud computing will form the infrastructure framework for future computing architecture. However, while it is true that having data on the cloud reduces the risk of loss and theft, cloud computing comes with its own set of risks.

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The emergence of global cloud service providers brings into question the security, integrity and availability of data.

Computer security is predicated upon three fundamentals principles: confidentiality, integrity, and availability, Cloud security is no different.

Only authorised individuals must have access to data. Data needs to be transmitted without any form of alteration, as is, and when it is required by an authorised individual.

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But, ensuring the integrity and availability of resources can be very challenging when the transition to cloud is not properly and securely handled.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon organisations to ensure that their decision to migrate their data to the cloud is taken with all things considered.

To help organisations like yours make a smooth transition to the cloud, our cyber security incident response team provides advice on planning, deployment, configuration and security.

Peter, your current IT administrator might be a very competent IT administrator with vast experience in securely deploying and administering windows or even Linux OS. However, cloud computing, especially cloud security requires completely different expertise.

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This is where we can help.

We will work along with your IT administrator and in-house cyber security team, assisting them to efficiently and securely migrate your resources to the cloud while ensuring the most appropriate configurations to enable confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.

To begin the process of efficiently and securely migrating your resources to the cloud, please call +44(0)20 8798 0579 now.

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