To those Who Want to Become Cyber Security Professionals, Here Are 3 Simple Steps To Achieve Your Goal

  • Seventy-five thousand pounds (£75,000) starting salary
  • Job offer less than three months upon completion of training GUARANTEED
  • 3,5 million cyber security vacancies by 2021

Dear Friend,

Have you given up on becoming a cyber security professional because you struggle to understand the contents?

I suspect you have watched lots of YouTube videos…

Bought training contents on Udemy and other such sites.

Yet you are still no closer to acquiring the competencies you require?

You might have even attended those five-day intensive training bootcamps and left the camp more confused than when you walked in.

I can relate to that.

My own journey to becoming a cyber security professional was not a straight line either.

I have ran a security firm since 2004.

I am a top retail loss prevention trainer and consultant.

Therefore, I thought to myself, how difficult could cyber security be?

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Well, I was wrong.

It was more difficult than I anticipated.

A more accurate statement will be, the trainers made it more difficult than it really is.

Cyber security is not difficult.

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You will see what I mean as you read along.

It is the trainers that make it difficult.

For a start, to become a cyber security or penetration testing professional, you need to know basic computer fundamentals such as hardware, operating system, and networking.

Majority of the things you do in cyber security or penetration testing requires knowledge of IP addressing, subnetting, and the OSI/MOD model.

Programming language and Linux are also essential but those are for advance level.

It is critical you at least know the computer fundamentals and networking.

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First, you don’t get given this info by cyber security or penetration testing trainers bent on collecting your money.

Second, the majority of cyber security and penetration testing trainers do not know how to train.

Yes, the trainer does not know how to train.

The majority of trainers have never attended any form of formal trainer training course in their lives.

As a result, they do not know how to teach for understanding.

Third, there are two types of cyber security trainers.

There are the theoretical experts who have all of the soft certifications without technical expertise.

Then there are the techies with the ability to hack in their sleep but lack the ability to explain the method behind their madness.

Therefore, cyber security or penetration testing trainers tend to train to their strength.

The theorist focuses on the theoretical aspect of the training, while the techie focuses on the technical aspect of the training.

As a result, as a trainee, the type of training you receive pretty much depends on whether you are dealing with a theoretical or technical person.

Another thing that is important for you become aware of in your journey to becoming a cyber security professional is, there is a difference between cyber security and ethical hacking.

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Cyber security is defensive and ethical hacking is offensive.

This is the reason the certifications are different.

The CompTIA Security+ is different from the CompTIA Pentest+.

Security+ mostly covers governance, which is defensive and dealing with Pentest+ covers penetration testing.

This information is essential to help you decide, based upon your strength whether you want to become a defensive or offensive cyber security professional.

So, if you decided today you wanted to become a cyber security professional, what should you do?

If you are new to IT, I will advise you start with computer fundamentals and networking.

Those are like two, maximum three weeks, of intensive training.

Then you can choose security+ or ethical hacking.

If you are already into hacking, you can take a seven-day security+ or ethical hacking training.

The training entails both theory and practical application.

At the end of the training, you will be proficient at cyber security or ethical hacking.

I want to help you make the right decision on the training that is right for you even before you choose to train with us.

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Our trainers are trained trainers with both theoretical and technical knowledge.

I can guarantee you that, after our training, you will be able a capable cyber security professional.

We provide full money back guarantee.

We would not provide money back guarantee if we are not confident you will become a capable cyber security professional after attending our training. 

If you would like to have a free consultation as to the best path for you, call now on +44(0)20 8798 0579 or email:

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